Pandora: Chronicle 05 – Date

Pandora and Link attempt going on a date.

The SRT Archives

My nightly routine with Link consisted of dinner and watching a movie together. Although our “date” was simply dinner in a public location rather than at his home, it appeared as a more important affair than the two of us sitting across from each other at the dining room table. Of all the patrons in attendance at the restaurant, many of them avoided the simple, casual dress look.

I wondered if I appeared out of place wearing jeans and a plain shirt. Link failed to notice how we stood out from the crowd. He remained indulged in the menu he held.

“What would you like?”

None of the items on the pages drew in my attention. “What would you recommend?”

Link lies the menu down, opened to the page showcasing the burgers and sandwiches. “A burger sounds delicious. Mmm- bacon cheeseburger.”

I wondered if he ever thought about the animals…

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