Agent Andersen: Log 07 – Journal

Rebecca offers Josey a new perspective on Target Alpha.

The SRT Archives

“Where are we?”

Joslyn watches me as I produce a key from my pocket. When I unlock the familiar door, the quiet apartment greets me the same it did the night Rylie had returned. Joslyn hesitates at the entrance but soon follows me in and closes the door behind her. I cross the living room to a wooden desk. On it sit totes filled with the memories Rylie and I shared here, our notes to each other and knick knacks from outings and the occasional gifts.

When my connection to Target Alpha proved no use in uncovering her true identity, Alex convinced Lauren’s team to return all of the possessions. Although I was certain there were copies of every note and item hidden somewhere I would never visit, I was relieved to have my only link to Rylie in tact and where it belonged- with me.

“I used to live…

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