Pandora Chronicle 06 – Childhood

Pandora visits the bowling alley with Link.

The SRT Archives

The bowling alley matched the description Link had provided. In our tour, he showed me everything- the “clown shoes” as he had grown accustomed to calling them, the numerous rows of bowling balls that ranged in color and weight, the areas where patrons would probably never gain admittance to, and the games he and his siblings grew up playing. It was a strange, new place with an even stranger air of comfort radiating throughout it. And even while Link attempted to teach me how to bowl or how to score at the game of air hockey, his mood never turned sour. After hurling a bowling ball into a far-off lane and later doing the same with the air hockey puck into the concessions area, I had expected Link to chide and punish my actions. He simply laughed and ignored any apologies I attempted to give.

I had been raised to…

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