Team Alpha: Audio File 01 – Ride

Karen gives Dante a ride home and makes a discovery about her partner.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Dante Solnce: -I could have walked home.

Agent Katherine Smith: And I would have let you if I wasn’t partly responsible for your safety.

Solnce: (scoffs) Because you’re my partner? What do you even contribute to this team?

K. Smith: What about you- neither of us have even run into a target.

Solnce: Your sister and Evans are always in the right place, right time though.

K. Smith: I wouldn’t care if we never saw one of those freaks. If and when they’re all gone, I’ll be happy.

Solnce: (scoffs) You’re just scared of the fight. We’ll never get a good assignment anyway, not with your sister being the teacher’s pet.

K. Smith: And you believe this why?

Solnce: Well, it turns out our boss likes the ladies between her sheets.

K. Smith: (laughs) Because she doesn’t fall for your boyish charm? Try again, Dante.

Solnce: I…

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