Team Alpha: Audio File 02 – Midnight

Karen stops by Adam’s place after leaving from Dante’s.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

(A door opens.)

Agent Adam Evans: Is everything okay?

Agent Katherine Smith: Yeah. Hey, have you noticed Dante acting strange?

(Footsteps. The door closes.)

Evans: No, just like his usual asshole self. Why?

K. Smith: No reason. How was the rest of dinner?


Evans: (chuckles) It wasn’t. We kind of left after you two. You can sit down.

K. Smith: Thanks.

Evans: Are you sure you’re okay? Did he say something-

K. Smith: No, I’m okay. I just imagined tonight going differently. My sister should have been there tonight and Dante-

Evans: Dante would have been worse if your sister was there. (Laughs)

K. Smith: You’re right.  I should go- I’m sorry if I woke you up.

Evans: Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t sleep anyway.

K. Smith: What’s wrong?

Evans:It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve heard from my brother. His girlfriend’s been trying…

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