You know how people have cheat days when they go on a diet?

Well, I’m not on a diet. I should eat better, but I’ll get on that after all of the moving and re-settling in business is done.

I don’t have a cheat day, but I have Sundays.

I go to school online, I work a full-time job, I try to spend time with my wife and child, clean the apartment, do responsible adult stuff, and try to manage two blogs (which I need to get better at). So, I stay busy.

My week often flies by and I end up doing a good chunk of my homework on Sunday, the day when it is due. Although I am a master of getting my assignments done in the few hours I have left, it often leaves me frantic and usually bitchy.

Sunday is my bitch day.

My wife has learned to accept this and will take me on couponing adventures throughout the week and leaves me be for the most part of Sunday. So, she relaxes on Sunday, our daughter plays with all of her toys, and I work on homework and be cranky.

I’m considering putting a colorful sign on the door on Sundays to warn people not to poke the bear unless it’s an emergency. People I’m not really a people person.

Especially on Sundays.


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