Tales of a Couponer’s Wife

If you know anyone who extreme coupons, you know it is a very time-consuming (but beneficial) hobby. If my wife knows she can get something for super cheap or practically free, she won’t buy it from anywhere else, unless it’s an emergency.

This sometimes often results in long trips around SoCal to multiple stores to find said “practically free” items. Today we went to Target for 30 cent packs of plates and then went back into the same Target for 30 cent boxes of aluminum foil. It can be tedious and I gripe, but hey- we won’t need either of those for a really long time.

And how many people can run out of a roll of paper towels and be like “oh, let me just go to the closet and get another one”?

Super convenient.

Having watched her do this for two years, I have begun to see glimpses into this secret world of couponing that sometimes resembles a Fight Club.

You laugh but I’m serious.

The first rule of this coupon group is you don’t talk about this coupon group.

The second rule- well, you get it.

I used to find it laughable but it’s some serious stuff.

I’ve probably already said too much. If you don’t hear from me fo a while, pray for me.


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