Even before I came out officially, I was never a social butterfly. I tried too hard to impress certain people (which resulted in me being extremely awkward) and I hated talking in class and reading aloud. And, sometimes I was picked on. I always dressed like a guy and it was the main reason most people had sarcastic comments to say about me. I was a big tomboy until I met my wife and she helped me dress better (which I’m thankful for).

But even today, finally out and a little more confident (and a slightly better dresser), I still have my bullies. And being a non-confrontational type of person, I don’t always like sticking up for myself. But it’s a new year and I’m getting tired of being pushed around.

I’ve also learned to pick my battles and I have gotten better at finding the right opportunity to make my attack. Sometimes you have to kill people with kindness and sometimes you have to show them what you’re made of. So, here’s to a year of fighting the battles that need to be fought and never letting anyone make me feel like a lesser person or that my imperfections make my strengths any less great.

You gotta love yourself and believe in yourself before you expect anyone else to do the same for you.


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