I’ve always hated homework. And boring classes and assignments. So much that I didn’t want to go to college when I was in high school And then, my senior year, I suddenly changed my mind and decided had to go because college is so great….

Days like this, I want a time machine to go back and slap myself in the face. Mostly because I could have taken college courses in high school or did those stupid tests to get out of some of my courses.

But no, I didn’t. Flash forward to me with just six months of college left. So ready to be done and still striving for A’s and B’s (but I would be great with C’s at this point).

Six more months and I will be free.

And I’ll have a fancy paper to hang on the wall.

And hopefully be able to get a job because I have that fancy piece of paper

Or not- but whatever.

At least I won’t have homework and lame reading assignments in six months.


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