Agent J. Smith: Minutes 05 – Rebecca

Joslyn seeks a better understanding of Rebecca and Target Alpha.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Joslyn Smith: I learned a lot more about Rebecca Andersen today than I ever expected to. Her relationship with Target Alpha is… I don’t know.

(A door opens.)

Agent Katherine Smith: Hey.

J. Smith: Hey, how was the party?

(The door closes.)

K. Smith: (sighs) Great until Dante harrassed the people in the next booth.

J. Smith: (laughs) Why am I not surprised?

K. Smith: Yeah, I guess I should have expected it. What’s that?

J. Smith: Homework. I’m helping the Director out with a lead.

K. Smith: Trying to stay on her good side?

J. Smith: Something like that.


J. Smith: You okay?

K. Smith: Yeah, just been a crazy night. I’m going to head to bed.

J. Smith: Alright. Night.

K. Smith: Night, Josey.

(Silence, followed by a door closing far off.)

J. Smith: I don’t know what to think about any of this…

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