Pandora: Chronicle 07 – Kiss

Pandora and Link share their first kiss.

The SRT Archives

“Good morning.”

Link enters the room with a tray of food and drinks. I could not recall hearing him awaken or smelling the breakfast being prepared.

Had I been asleep? How long did my drift through my subconsciousness? Did I experience any dreams?

“Did you sleep okay?”

I observe our normal breakfast on the tray. “Is this necessary?”

Link chuckles. “This is me trying to be romantic.”

In the movies, people would make small gestures like leaving loving messages on post-it notes on the fridge. They would also make big gestures like racing to the airport to stop the person they loved from boarding a plane that would take them away probably forever. Romantic gestures, much like general expressions in conversation, carried different meanings and intensities.

“This is to apologize for last night. Maybe it was too early to try and go out or maybe it was just bad timing. I…

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