Sunshine and Rainbows

I’m having a rough night after an already long day and instead of ranting, I’ll just use poetry to express my feelings on the subject.

So enjoy.

When you feel so mad
That you want the feeling to fade so bad.
Think of sunshine and rainbows
Be high on life instead of low.
Yes, people are lazy
But don’t let it get you crazy.
Screw this and screw that
Just don’t take it out on your family or cat.
Laziness is not a great work quality
In two weeks you will be free from this city.
Do the monkey work
And let those mean thoughts continue to lurk.
Remember you be missed
When things are left shitty and your boss is pissed.
Because what will all of this matter anyway
When you’re gone and far, far away?

It’s not great but whatever- at least I made it rhyme. I have begun to countdown my departure time. I don’t know why I am still writing in rhymes. I’ve been playing this game where monsters attack you in the mines. It’s pretty epic- it’s called Until Dawn.

Okay, no more rhymes. But check that game out, it’s fun and scary and it keeps you guessing. And that “happy” ending- ha. Not going to spoil it. I’ve been renting it from the Redbox because I have some free codes for game rentals. Definitely worth it if you like survival horror and the cast is pretty awesome. Watch out in those mines though- and pretty much everywhere else once the final hours start counting down.

Well, back to work I go until morning comes.


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