The Plan

In less than a month, I will be moving. Currently, I am done with my job here and will take some time at my new home to find one more fit for my experience and preferences (hopefully). I have begun my second two last term at my college and will be done in four months. With all these changes, I hope to put more work into my writing.

My short-term goal is to self-publish one of my stories in the next few months, or at least begin the process. My other blog features a story I have wanted to write since the fifth grade and although it is there and starting to become a reality, there is still much work I want to put into it. I want to fix and add a lot to each series. I plan on keeping the story as it is on the blog, but additions and changes will only be found on the final published version.

As I go along with the story, I will continue utilizing the blog but more of the main story will reside in the books I publish.

Like I mentioned earlier, this is the plan. I know for this all to become a reality, I need to put a lot more work into writing and tons of work into networking and marketing my writing, which is something I do not give enough attention to with either of my blogs now. I know I want to share all of my stories with as many people as possible and I know it will be a lot of work. So, why not this year? Why not now?


4 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Very good plan! I’ve noticed quite a few writer’s on my feed who have recently finished or published their novels (big boom in Jan – Feb for indie authors), New Year’s resolutions seem to work really well for writers!

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