Agent Andersen: Log 10 – Peacekeeper

Rebecca is visited by a face from the past.

The SRT Archives


Chelsea’s voice pulls me from my thoughts. She shows an impatient scowl. “Come on, I want to go in here.”

Chelsea starts off for another random store and I dread spending another hour in this mall. From clothes to movies to candy to souvenirs and now books. The nearby pretzel stand called for me. Caffeine and junk food were necessary for my survival.

“I’ll be right in, honey.”

She nods and disappears into a maze of bookshelves. I walk over to the pretzel stand.

A young woman greets me with a smile. “Hi there. What can I get you?”

The napkin container reflects a face surrounded by red hair. As the face vanishes, the realization sets in. I turn to face the woman but she has vanished within the crowds passing by.


I must seem crazy. Maybe I am crazy.

“Excuse me.” I head for the nearby bathroom-…

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