Agent J. Smith: Minutes 06 – Questions

Rebecca and Joslyn discuss Lauren Mason and the mysterious woman.

The SRT Archives

[Recording Start]

Agent Joslyn Smith: Do you mind if I record this?

Agent Rebecca Andersen: No, go ahead.

J. Smith: So why did you help the Masons track down Target Alpha? Why not just lead Lauren to places you knew wouldn’t turn up any clues?

Andersen: They had the resources to help md find Rylie. And I knew it would be better if I found her with Lauren than chance the possibility of me not getting to her first.

J. Smith:Are you okay?

Andersen: Yeah, just having a weird day.

J. Smith: What happened?

Andersen: I ran into the woman I met before Rylie left the first time. She told me not to get involved

J. Smith: It’s a little too late for that, isn’t it?

Andersen: I couldn’t stop if I wanted to, not with all these questions I have… I wonder if she’s looking for Rylie again.

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