An Introduction (Again)

I have been away from WordPress for at least a month. I have been gone so long, I have felt the urge to simply just start over. Throw all the older blogs into a pre-2016 category and start again, but that’s a lot of work. And I don’t really want to start over. Give an update, yes.

I have been gone because of our move and because of this speech class I’m almost done with that required a detailed outline every other week and a speech the weeks in between (which was not great for me because I’m not extremely comfortable giving speeches to my webcam). I am happy to say I have one more speech left, which I need to get done before Tuesday night.

I haven’t been completely avoiding my writing (I couldn’t go too long without doing any writing- I become pretty irritable). I have been editing the first series from my other blog, The SRT Archives, and making lots of changes and additions. My plan is to publish a more finished and complete version of the story.

But why? Isn’t it free on my blog?

Part of the story is yes, but I have added at least 20 more chapters and am planning on adding more. My original idea was to have each character have their own story, which comes together with the others to create a bigger story. I believe I have accomplished that with the additions I made.

I will update the chapters that are on my blog to reflect the new changes, but any new chapters will only be included in the published version.

Not sure how far away I am on publishing. I’m still not entirely sure what platform I am going to use either. If anyone has a recommendation. I have considered both Kindle Publishing and Smashwords but I still have some research to do and get more suggestions before I commit.

I am also planning on making some changes to this blog. Considering buying my own domain (at least through WordPress) for now. I know I don’t have a lot of time to put in my blog (still have two months of school and have to start working again before/once I finish).

Well, I think that’s the big update. I don’t want to be a stranger for a month ago, I definitely missed my WordPress community/family.


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