Laws About Bathrooms

I didn’t really want to get into the debate about these “bathroom bills” that certain states are passing because the idea should be so ridiculous that it shouldn’t be a debate. But I’m in a ranting mood, so here goes.

Every person in the world is born with different characteristics. Yes, they might look like their parents and have anger, happinesd, and all of those other emotions, but there are so many attributes that make a person unique.

I am not transgender. I will never fully understand what it feels like to be transgender. But I can kind of understand the idea of growing up and being influenced by society to be a certain way. The society I grew up in, a small city in Oklahoma, told me I would grow up and marry a man and be his wife and any other way was unthinkable and unacceptable. I grew up trying to be one person but knowing it was not the person I wanted to be.

So, I can imagine how mentally and emotionally straining it can be to someone who is born one person but feels deep inside that they are another. And if I am explaining this incorrectly, I apologize, and feel free to correct me.

To tell someone who was born a woman and is now a man that he has to use the female restroom makes no sense to me. People who support these laws suddenly feel as if they need to be protected from transgendered people because they might be predators preying on men, women, and children. Yet, before all of this bullshit, those same people have probably been in a restroom with someone who is transgendered at least once in their life and didn’t know and didn’t care. And you know why they didn’t know or care?

Because nothing criminal happened!

My question to these people- why the hell do you care now?

When I walk into a restroom, no woman rushes from the stalls and gives me crazy looks since, you know, I’m a lesbian and must try to hit on or rape women in the bathroom. No one in that bathroom gives a damn who I am and they move on with their lives. No one is uncomfortable or endangered.

There are horrible people in the world, I get it. But everyone should be worried about those people and not target people because of their race, gender, sexuality, etc. Please don’t support these “bathroom bills”, even if you don’t understand transgender people. Be with the progress of society, not the downfall  of it.


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