A Touch of Insomnia

I’ve been having trouble falling to sleep at night. Ever since the move, I can’t seem to fall asleep until after laying in bed for an hour or so. Instead of staring at my eyelids for an hour+, I work on writing or I read. Now that my classes are finally over (just waiting for them to send me my degree), I have starting reading for my personal pleasure again.

And what do I start with?

Fight Club of course. I plan on re-reading all of my Chuck Palahniuk books. I am missing three in my collection, but I might ask for a late anniversary gift from the wife. Speaking of Fight Club, in a month I’ll be getting a signed hardcover version of the sequel and have a chance at getting two more of my older books signed by my favorite author.

On a less positive note, I have to start the real job hunt. Once I officially have a degree, I’m hoping for something good. Still not sure exactly what I want to do, which is silly-I know- but whatever. It’ll come to me.

Until a job, I have my books and I’m writing. And my blogs that I have missed very much. Anyway, going to try working on some more writing until I can fall asleep.