On Massacres and Fear

Last night while I was half-asleep, I noticed an article about a shooting in Orlando. I chose not to read it because I generally don’t like reading the news, especially sad news. Today, now- the story is everywhere. It’s tragic, it’s terrifying, and it won’t ever be something easily forgotten.

50 people died- not of a natural disaster or some freak accident. They were murdered.

I’m sure as you’re reading this, you have probably heard about it. If not, the article is right here.

What happened early this morning was the deadliest shooting spree in the history of the United States. An act of terror, an act of hate.

Also today, a man who was targeting a Pride parade in California.

There is so much hate in this country right now. How am I not supposed to be scared for my family? How am I not supposed to be scared for other people like me or anyone for that matter? We can no longer feel absolutely safe in our schools, on military bases, or in places of leisure like clubs and movie theaters. All because of hate.

When does it end? How many people have to suffer before we end the spread of violence and intolerance fueled by hate? My heart goes out to the families of those in Orlando, and to anyone targeted by hate. Love should always win, and I hope one day love and compassion can overcome all of this hate in the world.


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