Steak, Wine, and My Little Pony

My daughter wanted another cookie when we got home. When I told her she had to have dinner first, she acted like a normal child in their terrible-two’s and had a meltdown. So now I’m watching My Little Pony with her so she would eat her awesome steak that my wife made. She has her ponies and I have my wine.

It’s been an emotional couple of days for me and I’m not apologizing for my never-ending reblogs about Orlando but something serious happened and it’s a problem. It isn’t just an LGBT problem or a Florida problem, it’s an America problem and a human one. Something needs to change.

But since I have a big glass of wine entering my system, I’m going to try being more lively.

I spent the 15 minutes before eating my steak trying to locate Twilight Sparkle. I thought My Little Pony wouldn’t still be a thing when my daughter was old enough to care but she loves it. And now I can name an unnecessary amount of ponies and feel obligated to buy my daughter Pony figures

My wife and I have this weird thing about deciding which girl in our daughter’s shows is the lesbian. In Octonauts, we agreed it was Tweak the techy bunny. In My Little Pony, I would say either Rainbow Dash or Applejack. These are the things parents do to survive children shows, especially when you watch all of the episodes multiple times.

Being a parent is a crazy experience. You find yourself doing some strange shit you never would have done pre-child. Life is strange.

I’m starting to feel this wine a little bit. By the way, that steak was delicious. Tiger sauce is boss.  And make sure you marinade it overnight, too. That’s about all I can tell you. My wife makes it and it’s bomb. I make some delicious pork chops though. Maybe I’ll make a post with a recipe.

Hope everyone is having a great night. I’m going to watch this episode of ponies and finish my little bit of wine.



Reading this, I’m reminded of a memory- well, a few memories. When I was first going to college in San Antonio, some college friends invited me out drinking and we went to the Bonham Exchange, one of the city’s gay clubs. It was the first time I had been out having fun somewhere I felt like I belonged. This was the same club where my wife and I went to with some friends when we had first met. I can only imagine those people in Orlando who went out that night and were making what started as a great memory before the night went tragic. No one should have to leave their homes and fear having a fun night out with friends or someone they love.

The Flannel Files

W and I had our third date at a gay bar in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, called Frank Jeffreys.

This was my bar.

This was my gay bar.

That night, we bellied up to the old wooden bar.

The bartender knew my name.

He knew my usual.

“Hey, Russ. How’s it going?” I asked.

I figured I was scoring points with W. I was racking them up like a human pinball machine. Ka-ching.

That night, we talked with Russ about labels. And laughed about that time I got hit on by a dude.

“Am I sending out the right signal?” I had asked.

Russ assured me I was with my cargo pants and flannel shirt and short haircut.

I remember lots of details from that night: Flirting with W. Taking her back to my place to watch the movie Kinsey. Being too shy to make a move.

“I thought you were asexual,” W would…

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A Friend from LGBTQ Community Reacts to Mass Shooting,Etc.

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1465796101895.jpgPhoto from Twitter

Hi everyone. Like several other cities worldwide, hundreds of El Pasoans came together at San Jacinto Plaza and the El Paso County Courthouse on Sunday. The crowd mourned the loss of the 50 people who were shot and killed at the gay Orlando nightclub, Pulse Sunday morning. Fifty three patrons were also injured during the mass shooting. I watched the local videos online. The events were beautiful yet tear jerking. Bag pipers played “Amazing Grace” and local LGBTQ leaders spoke about the day’s tragic events and uniting as a country. June 12, 2016 goes down as the worst mass shooting on United States soil.

I had to explain to my son what was going on. Being the curious kid he is, he kept asking me questions like “Why did this happen?” “Who did they do this to and where?” I did the best I could to answer his questions. I…

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Orlando you have my heart

evoL =


This last month it is uncanny that I felt strongly there was going to be an attack on a Pride event this year. A city that many of us think of as a fun place to go unfortunately, Orlando became the target of someone’s mental instability.

I constantly worry for the safety of my girls (my daughter and her partner). They are publicly open about their relationship –  I fear it puts them in danger, even in Seattle. Yesterday’s events reminded me again that this world is not safe for my precious ones.

All the hate in this world, weighs heavily on my heart. I don’t understand what is wrong with our species that we war on each other; especially pick on sectors of our populations. We believe we are so special in this world, but act every bit like wild animals, sometimes worse.

Yesterday will stay with us a…

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Using the shooting

Clare Flourish

Hours after the shootings at Pulse, Orlando, people are using them to further their aims.

The Real Donald Trump tweeted, Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace! There are times to call for a Presidential resignation, but not this. Trump incites insane levels of anger, to stop his dupes thinking. He inflames hatred to direct at his enemies. He directs attention to his chosen scapegoat, Islam and Muslims, to prevent people thinking about their real problems.

Da’esh have now claimed responsibility. Well, the shooter is dead, so how could we tell? They want to appear powerful.

Would Omar Mateen have no part in any “well-regulated militia”? Even gun control is complex. We hear he had no criminal record, FBI investigations into terrorist links were inconclusive, and while his wife said he was mentally unstable, he was…

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Don’t Forget

Right to Live (To Love)

On a Lighter Note

I reached a milestone today. I haven’t given my blog the attention it deserves but I have managed to reach 2000 views.


It looks like I’m close to another milestone as well. 25 more visitors to break a grand. Thanks to everyone who have visited my blog and left a like, commented, reblogged, or have shown this blog some love. I plan going forward to not only work more on this blog, but do better as a reader to my fellow bloggers.


Welcome to infinitefreetime dot com

As we were drifting off toward sleep last night, I remarked to my wife that it had been something very close to a perfect day.  We’d gotten a major project done in the house, had pizza for dinner (there are times when pizza is the best food; last night was one of them), gotten some landscaping done outside, had some cuddle time on the couch with the boy, and spent a pleasant half-hour or so sitting outside and enjoying a summer breeze in the shade on our back porch.

The moment lasted for, well, a moment, before I remembered that the day had started with her telling me not to look at the news until I was more awake, and that fifty people had been gunned down in Orlando, the second time in less than a week that the phrase “murdered in Orlando” had made national news.

This shit…

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From What Cup Will We Drink?

Susan Irene Fox

drinking glasses

The shooting in Orlando, Florida in the early morning hours on Sunday was a horrible tragedy. It was a horrific mass shooting that was both a terrorist shooting by someone who identified himself with Isis, and an act of domestic terrorism by someone born here who bought an assault rifle and decided to use it in an act of hate and violence. It was the act of a coward.

How do we view this act of violence?

A few have unfortunately already begun to drink from the cup of condemnation. They view it as “divine retribution for sins.” They have forgotten their First Love and have become like the Pharisees; grasping at law, yet compassionless for their brothers and sisters in the human race God created.

An AR-15 style assault rifle fires 800 rounds per minute. An AR-15 style assault rifle fires 800 rounds per minute.

Some have latched onto and drink from the cup of politics. Instead of focusing…

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