Steak, Wine, and My Little Pony

My daughter wanted another cookie when we got home. When I told her she had to have dinner first, she acted like a normal child in their terrible-two’s and had a meltdown. So now I’m watching My Little Pony with her so she would eat her awesome steak that my wife made. She has her ponies and I have my wine.

It’s been an emotional couple of days for me and I’m not apologizing for my never-ending reblogs about Orlando but something serious happened and it’s a problem. It isn’t just an LGBT problem or a Florida problem, it’s an America problem and a human one. Something needs to change.

But since I have a big glass of wine entering my system, I’m going to try being more lively.

I spent the 15 minutes before eating my steak trying to locate Twilight Sparkle. I thought My Little Pony wouldn’t still be a thing when my daughter was old enough to care but she loves it. And now I can name an unnecessary amount of ponies and feel obligated to buy my daughter Pony figures

My wife and I have this weird thing about deciding which girl in our daughter’s shows is the lesbian. In Octonauts, we agreed it was Tweak the techy bunny. In My Little Pony, I would say either Rainbow Dash or Applejack. These are the things parents do to survive children shows, especially when you watch all of the episodes multiple times.

Being a parent is a crazy experience. You find yourself doing some strange shit you never would have done pre-child. Life is strange.

I’m starting to feel this wine a little bit. By the way, that steak was delicious. Tiger sauce is boss.  And make sure you marinade it overnight, too. That’s about all I can tell you. My wife makes it and it’s bomb. I make some delicious pork chops though. Maybe I’ll make a post with a recipe.

Hope everyone is having a great night. I’m going to watch this episode of ponies and finish my little bit of wine.


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