The Job Search

Applying to jobs is a pain for me. Fill out a thousand of boxes of information, submit, wait a few weeks for a call, repeat as many times as necessary. It is a necessary evil when you move to an area far away from a location you could have transferred to. But that is what happens at time. I was lucky last time I had to do this. I was still with the company and technically a transfer even though I had not been working for a month or so.

But now, I start from scratch again. I thought about finding a journalism or copywriting kind of job but I think for now I’m going to stick with retail since all of my experience is in that field.

Had we stayed in San Diego, I would have been chosen as a store manager position. I’m hoping I have the same opportunity here. I’m also looking at an Amazon distribution center. I think that would be an awesome experience and it pays well- so double win.

Anyway, going to fill out a couple more job applications tonight and then finish reading up Fight Club.


Toddler vs. Kitten

I noticed last night that my daughter has gotten very clingy to me in the past few days, mostly at home. Before she turned two, she had a quite long streak of being Mommy’s baby, but recently she is almost always about her Momma.

But then we got a kitty and since he is technically mine (although I qualify him as the first family pet), I give him a lot of love.

Last night, I was sitting on the couch and my daughter had to sit next to/literary on top of me. I suggested she sit next to my wife because the other side of the couch had more space. To which, she replied, “No sit Momma”. The next incident was when I was setting up the laptop to stream to our TV. I picked up Toothless and held him while I stood and waited for my Internet to stop going slow. My daughter wanted me to hand her the kitty, so she could walk it to my wife on the couch. And then, the toddler that never lets me carry her at any store anymore wanted me to pick her up and hold her.

I can only imagine how she might act when we have another child. I’m hoping by then she is more content with sharing her parents.