The Job Search

Applying to jobs is a pain for me. Fill out a thousand of boxes of information, submit, wait a few weeks for a call, repeat as many times as necessary. It is a necessary evil when you move to an area far away from a location you could have transferred to. But that is what happens at time. I was lucky last time I had to do this. I was still with the company and technically a transfer even though I had not been working for a month or so.

But now, I start from scratch again. I thought about finding a journalism or copywriting kind of job but I think for now I’m going to stick with retail since all of my experience is in that field.

Had we stayed in San Diego, I would have been chosen as a store manager position. I’m hoping I have the same opportunity here. I’m also looking at an Amazon distribution center. I think that would be an awesome experience and it pays well- so double win.

Anyway, going to fill out a couple more job applications tonight and then finish reading up Fight Club.


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