Men in crisis

Something to ponder about. Anger should never be an answer and those who seek it as a tool in everyday interactions need help, whether they believe it or not.

Sometimes, it's just a cigar

Content note for suicide and suicidal ideation

It seems as if this blog, sometimes, only exists to remind me of the aspects of being  a man that I need to reflect on. Men who experience a crisis in their masculinity is one of those aspects of being a man.

I’ve written about it in terms of men who have self destructive eating problems, and I’ve written about it in terms of Elliott Rodger and his murderous choices. These are gendered issues, and as a man I feel the need to reflect on them.

In the circumstances it is hard to ignore Omar Mateen.

In my experience of working in bars frequented by men who have sex with men the man who becomes irrationally angry is not a stranger to those places.We had nicknames for them; lone wolves, or crazy sharks, nicknames that dehumanized them, that emphasized the irrationality that drove…

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