Writing Club

My friend started a writing group on Facebook. Since I have always loved her writing, I was super excited to join. We have a daily prompt, but I haven’t posted anything until today. The prompt was Selfies, so I wrote a short one-shot. I decided to share it on here since I haven’t been posting a lot of my writing recently.


    Selfies- she loved to take selfies.

    When my friend showed me pictures of her, she looked photogenic and active. She loved animals, nights on the town, staying in to watch a good movie, and trying new things.

    The selfie obsession was conveniently left out of the details.

    When the date started, it seemed harmless. Pulling to the curb outside of her house, I noticed her standing at the front door posing for her phone. Her “x” amount of followers could now see her in her little (and short) black dress pre-blind date. I thought nothing of it, until one picture transformed into a play-by-play of our night.

    In her defense, she talked about anything but her need to capture every five minutes of her life. About what- I couldn’t tell you. Each time she would hold her phone up, that artificial camera snap would distract my mind from the conversation.

    Snap, blah, blah, blah, snap.

    I could only imagine what her captions read.

    Hashtag first date, hashtag looking fabulous.

    The pictures continued into the restaurant. She even excused herself to the bathroom to- I’m assuming- take another Internet famous self-portrait.

    Snap, check reflection in the mirror, snap.

    Hashtag reapplying makeup, hashtag need to look sexy.

    The evening was ruined once it had begun. The food had no taste, every sip of alcohol did little to overcome my subconscious urge to time the minutes between each click.

    Snap, can I get you another glass, snap.

    Hashtag getting buzzed, hashtag fancy salad and a glass of wine.

    When dinner ends and I take her home, she leans in to snap a pic of her and I. When she invites me in, my stomach turns and I politely decline. I could only imagine how that experience might be.

    Snap, kiss me here, touch me there, snap.

    The following day, my friend shows me the last image from the night. Selfie girl’s smile clashes with my exasperated scowl.

    Hashtag unimpressed, hashtag should have stayed home.

    My friend makes it seem like I’m the one with the problem. And maybe I am. In a world filled with smartphone technology and social media, you can only be one of two kinds of people. The kind that like taking selfies.

    Or the kind that doesn’t get a second date.


What do you think? Leave some feedback below, please.


5 thoughts on “Writing Club

    1. Thank you! I am definitely one of those people that doesn’t understand the hype of selfies and always being on Facebook. I’m glad I could describe that frustration well through this character.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes sense. My mother got me a selfie stick for Christmas (as I joke I guess) and my wife picked it up one day and she spent 30 minutes taking selfies around the house.

        Liked by 1 person

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