Hey There

It’s been some time since I’ve lurked on WordPress. Life has changed a little bit- I have a new job that keeps me busy (but gives me pretty awesome off days and benefits). Working at Amazon now and so far, I can say it’s better than every other job I’ve had. 

My daughter is still in her terrible twos and is both sweet and evil most days, but I love her so much. A couple weeks ago, we took her to a fundraiser at a local horse rescue and we bought her three rides on the biggest horse they had. Each time, she went around three times and was a complete champ about. No crying or anything (even though kids at least twice her age and size couldn’t handle riding the smaller horses). 

My cat has gone from kitten size to adult cat size. We thinks he’s convinced he’s a dog since he’s grown up wrestling with the dogs in the house. 

I got my wife a Cameo, which is like a Cricut, so she is in love with and decorated my work bottle and FETI with.

I have been working on my writing aftet a month or so of writer’s block. It’s still a struggle day to day to focus on it (especially on my work days), but a little progress is better than no progress, right?

It is also my favorite month. I love October and Halloween. The peanut and I have already watched Nightmare Before Christmas a few times and my wife has reluctantly spent at least 100 dollars at Walgreens getting us NBC stuff.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have missed my WordPress family this past month or two.


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