Deja Vu Gaming: Resident Evil 5

My sister-in-law got an Xbox 360 from my wife and I nearly a year ago. She’s finally gotten to the point of using it for more than Netflix and Hulu and asked for video game recommendations from me. We took a trip to GameStop and I found a remastered version of Resident Evil 5. I offered my sister-in-law my old 360 copy if she liked the game. That began a week-long journey and replaying a great game with a new player to the series, which was both fun and tedious.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I play games with the intent of discovering everything. My sister-in-law does not share the same attitude. She did well at first helping me track down treasure and ammo but she soon got overwhelmed by boredom or chose to run from enemies rather than stick it out for better rewards. I’ll admit, having nearly ten Lickers chasing you down a narrow hallway can be intimidating, but it’s a challenge I choose to see through. 

Anyone who played RE5 on 360 and enjoyed Versus and the DLC missions will be happy to know it’s an included in the Xbox One remaster. The game itself is just as great as ever. I played the game on 360 several times and the replayable value still exists strongly. (RE4 is also another great title- plays the best of the Wii.) 

Here’s a clip of my adventure replaying this game with my sister-in-law. She had some trouble with the random command prompts (she’s player 2, or Sheva).


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