New Year, Rough Start

The months of November and December zipped by in a chaos mess of intense 60 hours work weeks and endless nights of terrible dreams about packages not getting shipped out in time. Working at a retail store during Black Friday and throughout Christmastime is one type of madness and working at a fulfillment center is another kind. I managed to lose 15 pounds despite eating too much junk and sipping Coke as much as I did water. 

It could have also helped that I was sick the week of Thanksgiving and in recovery for the two weeks following (which I’m not sure how I survived looking back on it). 

I had looked forward to starting a new year with a better start then the previous year had ended. And, of course, on New Year’s Eve I started to develop another bad cough much like the one I had just beat two weeks prior. 

But these things happen, and I would take being sick for three months if it meant my daughter wouldn’t have gotten sick this go around. Sleepless nights with a toddler is not ideal. 

I think the worst of it is over though. I hope so. This first winter in like, six years, is not as exciting as I thought it would be. 

Except the snow. The snow was awesome.


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