A Project (Four Years in the Making)

Since I already work for Amazon, I figure I would publish through them, too. This is my first crack at self-publishing, even though I have been attempting for years to do it. Not going to lie, kind of just winging it and seeing how it all works while in the process. Probably not the best idea but if I sit around and think too hard on everything, I will do what I have done many times in the past and give up before I even actually try.

So, the plan is to start off with something not so big. I have a couple novels and series I want to eventually publish but none of those are anywhere near ready. I do have a short story collection that I made for a class in college some years ago. I have since then added to the collection and made it more presentable for publishing. Not completely done with the editing process but getting there.

I’m using a program from Amazon called Kindle Create, which basically takes your document and makes it e-format ready. My document did not convert perfectly, so I had to go through and make adjustments but getting it ready as far as appearance was the easy part. Now I have the struggle of proofreading a billion times, figuring out what my title is going to be, and if I dare even think about designing a cool cover for it.

So, that is what I am off to work on right now. If anyone has an idea for the title, shoot it my way. My collection is a mixture of stories about love, overcoming obstacles, acceptance, and family. Also, any tips or advice would be great as well.


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