Over the weekend, the wife and I finally watched the two Kingsman movies. If you haven’t watched either of them, you’re missing out. The story, the characters, the cast- all excellent. I was surprised to see Colin Firth, the guy from Bridget Jones Diary, kicking some was. Then there was Samuel L. Jackson playing a villain with a bad lisp. I didn’t know I needed that in my life until we watched the movie. It is a blend of silly and serious and the second movie is just as great as the first. If you have a few hours to spare, check out both of the Kingsman movies- you will not be disappointed.

Kingsman: The Secret Service IMDB Page
Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer



New Year, New You

At least that’s what they say

Imagine it, if you will,

You start fresh every January 1st

A new person with a new life

Everyone always wants to be a new person

Why not redefine the life you’re living

You are you and I am me

But I’ll toast to better decisions than in 2017


Every year I make the mistake of making New That’s resolutions. I call into the trend and make a list of everything I want to accomplish for the year. Why should a specific day signal a dramatic change from not-so-productive to super productive? Why should I feel obligated to do something in January that I wouldn’t do in December?

Okay, December is a crazy time at my job. Nothing gets done in December, but anyway. Maybe I’ll wait until February to make my demands of myself. Or maybe I won’t and just do my thing. 

Febumaybe Resolutions? 

Has a good ring to it.