Super Nervous

Short post. I have an interview later today with Amazon and I’m super nervous. Hoping I get the job and ready to just get this interview over with. Wish me luck, I feel like I need it today.


Catching Pokemon (but not any inspiration)

I have been out three nights in a row with my wife and sister-in-law (and the peanut of course) playing Pokemon Go. That game is addicting and so much fun. The first two nights, we mostly just drove around and the two of them did most of the work (my wife caught me a lot of cool Pokemon). Yesterday, we went walking around in a nearby town with a group of fabulous people we met the night before. There’s some people out there who think the game is silly but it is amazing to see everyone out walking around and interacting. My only warning is that you should go with someone, especially when it gets late. There are bad people out there who might target players. We haven’t had any issues but we’ve been sticking to our town and the other, where all the stops are in the middle of town near police and fire stations. 

Unfortunately, my writer’s block is back and kicking my ass. I had been working on my SRT Archives stories (which you can find the original chapters/drafts at my other blog The SRT Archives). I reached a standstill at editing and adding to the first series. I’m hoping after this week (mentally preparing for an interview this Friday with Amazon) I can reboot my writing brain and get back to the series.

Any Pokemon trainers in the southern Illinois area? Anyone catch anything cool? I got a Pikachu and I’m so excited about it.

Project H – Home (A Story from Southern Illinois)

I did a guest blog this month for a certain awesome blogger. Here is my post for Project H- it’s about my home.

Some New Stuff for my Collection

My wife and I got to the bookstore early today. Turns out, Chuck Palahniuk was already there (two hours early). So we beat the line, got me a hardback version of the first Fight Club, and got a few things of mine signed by Chuck. It was nice that he was already there, there was no rush to get everything signed and get my picture with him.

In all, I got the hardback (and combined) version of the Fight Club 2 graphic novels.

Signed and personalized.

I apologize for the crappy quality. My phone’s camera is on its last limbs. I also had my new copy of Fight Club signed, as well as the scratch and sniff FC2 bookmark (which explains the above photo), and my Comic Book Day and SDCC exclusive FC2 comics. 

Now, to leave you with one last picture. Better quality this time. This was after the signing when Chuck Palahniuk asked me the most important question of the day- “choke or fight?”

Tuesday Morning

Woke up early today- for me at least. Had to bring my car in for an oil change. I have already walked around the entire electronics department at a window shopper pace and even searched the cheap Blu Ray bin for a copy of Fight Club since the one I own is in a box somewhere in Oklahoma or Texas.

Glad I got here when I did. There’s ton of cars pulling up now.

When I actually wake up, I’ll be a littls more excited. Going to a book signing today with the wife. Her Mother’s Day gift to me is us going to see Chuck Palahniuk and me gettng some of my stuff signed by him. I’m also hoping I win a raffle for a leatherbound rare copy of the original Fight Club book. When he came out to San Diego, I didn’t get one, but I got a signed severed arm, which is pretty badass and creeps out people who come visit us.

I need coffee. Or a Red Bull.

I will most likely be posting a couple for times today, since I’m going to that awesome event. 

Barn Building Weekend

Hey everyone.

I haven’t been able to post for a day or two because we’ve been building a horse barn in the back. We’ve been kind of working on in during the week but most of the work has been done yesterday and today. We got the walls up and started on the roof. Tomorrow will be another early wake up and finish the structure of the roof and work on the inside a little. Here’s what it looks like so far.


Trying to get the bulk of it done this weekend because Monday when my wife and I start our diets, we’re probably not going to be about working outside for four+ hours in the heat. Super happy with how much we’ve gotten done. Tried but can’t complain since I’m not working yet, so I’m not a zombie.

Hoping the wife will stay up a little bit tonight so we can watch our new episode of Rizzoli and Isles (last season : ( … maybe Hulu or someone will pick it up). Also hoping I can get aome good sleep tonight. Tossed and turned last night, so getting up this morning was a struggle.

Well, this is a short post. Going to try to do some writing/editing my stories before bed. Have a good night!

Writing Club

My friend started a writing group on Facebook. Since I have always loved her writing, I was super excited to join. We have a daily prompt, but I haven’t posted anything until today. The prompt was Selfies, so I wrote a short one-shot. I decided to share it on here since I haven’t been posting a lot of my writing recently.


    Selfies- she loved to take selfies.

    When my friend showed me pictures of her, she looked photogenic and active. She loved animals, nights on the town, staying in to watch a good movie, and trying new things.

    The selfie obsession was conveniently left out of the details.

    When the date started, it seemed harmless. Pulling to the curb outside of her house, I noticed her standing at the front door posing for her phone. Her “x” amount of followers could now see her in her little (and short) black dress pre-blind date. I thought nothing of it, until one picture transformed into a play-by-play of our night.

    In her defense, she talked about anything but her need to capture every five minutes of her life. About what- I couldn’t tell you. Each time she would hold her phone up, that artificial camera snap would distract my mind from the conversation.

    Snap, blah, blah, blah, snap.

    I could only imagine what her captions read.

    Hashtag first date, hashtag looking fabulous.

    The pictures continued into the restaurant. She even excused herself to the bathroom to- I’m assuming- take another Internet famous self-portrait.

    Snap, check reflection in the mirror, snap.

    Hashtag reapplying makeup, hashtag need to look sexy.

    The evening was ruined once it had begun. The food had no taste, every sip of alcohol did little to overcome my subconscious urge to time the minutes between each click.

    Snap, can I get you another glass, snap.

    Hashtag getting buzzed, hashtag fancy salad and a glass of wine.

    When dinner ends and I take her home, she leans in to snap a pic of her and I. When she invites me in, my stomach turns and I politely decline. I could only imagine how that experience might be.

    Snap, kiss me here, touch me there, snap.

    The following day, my friend shows me the last image from the night. Selfie girl’s smile clashes with my exasperated scowl.

    Hashtag unimpressed, hashtag should have stayed home.

    My friend makes it seem like I’m the one with the problem. And maybe I am. In a world filled with smartphone technology and social media, you can only be one of two kinds of people. The kind that like taking selfies.

    Or the kind that doesn’t get a second date.


What do you think? Leave some feedback below, please.

Last Week to Eat Like Crazy

Going back on the South Beach diet next week, so I’m planning to gorge myself on whatever I won’t be able to have next week until I get down to 140 pounds. It was the weight I got down to before I moved to Guam and had a little too much of all their delicious foods. I have a another plan once I lose the weight but I won’t say now- don’t want to jinx it until it happens (or is a very possible reality).

I know there are some people out there that are anti-diet, but the South Beach Diet is a good way to restart the way you eat by helping you start eating the necessary foods and add in the things you don’t need as much of. I did it some years ago and had a successful two weeks and I was at the weight I wanted to be at. I’m hoping this time works as well as last time.

For Orlando



If I say “I support homosexuality and gender fluidity”
Or “The world is not a binary arrangement of sexes”
Or even “I believe that love transcends our pathetic ties and boundaries”
It won’t lessen the pain that you have caused.

For every time you buy Her Pink and Him Blue, you propagate a figment of your paranoia
Every time you snigger at the ‘sensitive’ man and call him “faggot” and “homo”; multiple dominoes topple in the distance
Every time you spray paint Dyke on that girl’s locker, several other girls add a padlock more to their closet doors.

Every time you attack my “colourful” and “rainbowed” brothers and sisters, I feel attacked myself as a human
If this isn’t your form of cannibalism, then what is?
Don’t you dare give me your Biblical jargon and your holy discourse
That the Lord made us in a perfect cast, and any deviation…

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Nothing Wakes You Up

…like being zapped by the hot wire on the horse fence. When your MILs (morher-in-laws) go on vacation and you have to take care of the farm animals. My wife and I have been switching on in the morning because we usually wake up later in the day. Today was the last day of the week and I, of course, finally shock the shit out of my arm. The pain went away but my arm still feels funny.

Fun fact: when you get shocked, it leaves an entrance and exit mark, which look like two bugs bites.

At least I have a funny story to tell.