Throwback Game Thursday – Age of Empires series

Do first-person shooters annoy you to no end? Are platform games too short and quick to beat? Okay, so maybe you’re more of a strategy type of person. When I have a break from console gaming and the responsibilities of life, I log onto the laptop and create an ancient civilization and do battle with the Romans or the Egyptians, who always seem to be two ages ahead. Age of Empires is good, time-consuming fun.
If you’ve played Civilization, it is the same concept. If you haven’t- you can download Civilization Revolution free if you have Xbox Live Gold. I cannot say how good that game is but if you then realize you enjoy strategy games, you can probably find a decent copy of one or two of the AoE games for under $20. I saw a pack of the first two games at Walmart.
If you happen to get the third game in the series, you can build your own maps and even have tame lions in your kingdom- I had about 20 just because- they’re like big guard dogs.


My army on a random map- had to take the picture from my iPhone since I couldn’t figure out how to take a screenshot in the game.


Throwback Game Thursday: Rocket Knight Adventures

Have you ever wanted to run around as a possum, or something like that, thing with a rocket pack attached to its back? Well, Konami made that game for you some years ago. There’s good and iffy news.
The good news is that emulators and ROMs exist. The iffy news is that a sort of sequel was released on the Xbox Live arcade. However, the arcade game looks a little too busy for me graphics wise.
Anyway, Rocket Knight Adventures is a platform game which I’m assuming was Konami’s alternative to Sonic the Hedgehog. You have to save a princess from an evil pig dude and you go through all sort of interesting levels with your jet pack and sword in an attempt to save her.
I found it to be pretty enjoyable and even a little challenging in some parts, but if you have a lazy afternoon and no other awesome games to play, Rocket Knight Adventures can keep you busy for a couple of hours. The video below is a play-through of the first stage. Credit for the video goes to Youtube user thatsnakeisdrowning.

So have fun and let me know what you think!

Throwback Game Thursday: Captain Skyhawk

Yesterday was an extremely important day for me, although I’m glad I didn’t realize the date until later on. February 5, 2011, was the date my father lost his battle with cancer. So today’s post is in honor of him.
My father liked playing video games- not as much as I or my sisters did but enough to be very awesome at Super Mario Bros. He knew where the hides. 1-Ups were and could do that trick with the shell on the stairs at the end of the level that gets you a lot of points. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that so I apologize.
Another game he played very well was Captain Skyhawk. It was another old school Nintendo game where the player flies a jet plane around shooting targets, saving hostages, and making tedious cargo drops. As a child, I was terrible at the game. About a year or so back, I downloaded an emulator and attempted to play the game. To this day, it is still challenging and it took me kind of cheating and loading states (if you know what that means) to get to the fourth set of levels.
Below is a screenshot of the game. No fancy graphics of course, but it is a good waste of a few hours in the day.


Throwback Video Game Thursday: Kingdom Hearts

What do you get when you mix Disney characters/worlds and the amazing red of Square Enix and Final Fantasy?
One of the greatest video games ever made. I have met a lot of people who couldn’t get into the Final Fantasy series because of the battle systems. I will admit, the time/turn-based battles may not be the most exciting, but I personally learned to enjoy it. But Kingdom Hearts brings a more active, free-roam battle system.
At first I was a little iffy about this game. I thought it would be too childish, but it is definitely the opposite. It’s amazing and the more you get into the series, the story gets more intricate and confusing but not enough to mess with the flow of the game. I don’t want to go too much into the storyline but it involves the main character Sora teaming up with Donald and Goofy to travel various worlds to find King Mickey.
The remastered edition of the first game and a couple of others in the series is available for the PS3 now and it is amazing, so check it out. And if you like it, the rerelease of the second on PS3 should be coming out sometime this year before KH3 drops.

(A Day Late) Throwback Game Thursday: The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past

That’s an extremely long title.
Anyway- for those of you who are recent Zelda fans or have obtained the new title for the 3DS with little knowledge of its origins- stop what you’re doing right now.
Unless you’re currently on a break from playing A Link Between Worlds- commence with beating that game then play this awesome one I’m about to tell you about. You may have heard it mentioned but A Link Between Worlds is the recreated world of A Link to the Past.
I have sadly only beat one Zelda game and it happened to be the one released on the SNES seemingly forever ago. But it was awesome despite it not having brilliant graphics or the mechanics of games today. And obviously a lot of other people thought it was awesome too because it got this sort of remake.
So go play it. Get those emulators and ROMs out, unless Nintendo has a digital download for it somewhere.

Throwback Game Thursday – Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Back long before the Wii and eventually other consoles released a Tony Hawk game with a skateboard controller and before Project 8 (which if you played the PS2 vs. the PS3 versions, there is a sad, significant difference), there was the original Tony Hawk series. When I was younger, I was big into the X Games and of course Tony Hawk, who was pretty much the man in skateboarding back then. The first THPS will always be one of my favorites because, like any first, it made the series, and it was awesome despite not having all the awesome advances of games in modern-day. I still have the original PSone disc and from time to time I do a speed run through the game and see how many goals I can get through a single playthrough.
The great thing about THPS1 is that the game has been remade in the recent years for I believe the Xbox 360 and PS3 (correct me if I’m wrong). I have to download it (sad face), but I as a long time I would play it simply for the fact of reliving old childhood memories with a present time kick to it. So if you need a break from those long RPGs, take a break and check this game out.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (2)

Throwback Game Thursday: Tomb Raider

Prior to a couple of years ago when Squarenix created a badass reboot to all that is Lara Croft, there was the original Tomb Raider. Anyone who owned a PSOne should have played this game and anyone with a PS2 should have played the remastered version (TR: Anniversary). For those not familiar with the games or the two movies that came out x amount of years ago, Tomb Raider is about a lady that raids tombs and other places of vast excitement. You get some sweet pistols with unlimited ammo, Medi-kits that heal you from various wounds including raptor bites and scratches, and you’re a hot chick with big boobs. What’s not to love about this game?
Back during TR1, you didn’t need a complete set of weapons and gadgets to get through each level. You had the pistols, the shotgun, the Uzis, and a pair of magnums. And keys.
Among other random items found about the levels, of course.
Although the storyline was somewhat bizarre and maybe not well put together, the game was awesome and the levels extremely memorable, especially that one with the swords falling from the ceiling. But I won’t spoil anymore of the great adventure known as TR1. Besides the T-Rex.


It’s a lot scarier in the moment, trust me.

(A day late) Throwback Game Thursday: Silent Hill

Sorry for the delay, yesterday was extremely busy. Today, for fans of horror-survival games, or for those interested in stepping into a new genre, this week’s blog is about Silent Hill. Yes, that terrifying video game that you would think gets old after a few times, but no matter how many are released, they are still scary. If you have seen either of the movies, you have experienced some of the creepy goodness that is Silent Hill, but the movies are nothing like the games.
Play them in order if you can, these games are good about referencing other characters and such from the other games. But if you only want to play one, that’s okay. And as cheesy as it may be, the first one is my suggestion. Yes, lame PSOne graphics, but that game still scares me to this day, no matter how many times I have played it. There are multiple endings, one of which you need to beat the game once to unlock the item necessary for getting one of the endings. Another super creepy game in the series is Silent Hill 4: The Room. You start off in a room (with a first-person perspective) and things start out normal and soon get very creepy and scary.
So, check them out and maybe keep a light on.
And if you’re wondering, this guy….


Doesn’t make an appearance until the second game.

November 07, 2013- Throwback Game Thursday: Chrono Trigger


Now that I have my days back on track, I will attempt to recreate my blog for today. The original accidentally got deleted. So anyway- today’s pick is Chrono Trigger.
When I was younger, I enjoyed playing the Final Fantasy series and become obsessed with owning and beating each one. Back when the old school Final Fantasy games were being re-released on PSOne, FFIV was paired in a collection called Final Fantasy Chronicles. The other game in this collection was Chrono Trigger. For its time, this game introduced several aspects not known or completely rare in video games. This game allowed you to hold a conversation with someone and walk around the immediate area and open treasure chests while they spoke. The game offers multiple endings, some silly and one “true” one. Then there’s the New Game+. This is an aspect in gaming that is now included in many video games from Final Fantasy to Resident Evil.
This game is amazing for many reasons. The characters are awesome, you are given the opportunity to play side-quests that develop the characters and grant you valuable treasures. You can unlock abilities for each character as well as dual and triple techniques which are more powerful attacks that require more than one character to be present. Once you get all or most of the characters, try some out. Also, if you notice the picture above, the NPC’s(non-playable characters) you meet are pretty memorable. My favorites are Gato, Melchior, that weird thing you meet at the End of Time, and the Nu.
So, if you have some free time, a DS or a PC- check this game out.