Tuneful Music Tuesday – Frozen

Happy Tuesday!!!!
Today is an awesome day. Why? Because Frozen is out on DVD. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It is good on the standard of old Disney movies. The music and songs are amazing, the voice actors are great, and the movie is a great mix of sweet, funny, sad, happy, and all those feelings that movies should make you feel.
I love the movie- I have been a Disney movie person for my entire life but Disney has been going through a long phase of “not as good as the old days” good- with the exception of Tangled and Princess and the Frog.
So, go watch this awesome movie, even if you’re a dude. Below is a video of “Let it Go”. Great song.


Tuneful Music Tuesday: Once

I have always had a thing for musicals since I was younger. Although I have yet to see some of the greatest of all time, I have come across some that were awesome but not so well-known. Of them is a movie called Once. Simple enough plotline- guy meets girl, they sing songs and fall in love, and obstacles conveniently get in the way. The songs are really great- “Falling Slowly” was an instant favorite of mine.
What makes this musical so great is that all of the songs in the film are written by the two leads and the film got a few awards. If you aren’t interested in seeing the movie, check out the soundtrack at least- amazing songs.

Tuneful Music Tuesday: Mayday Parade

Mayday Parade has become my favorite band over the years. By the time I found out about the band, one of the lead singers who had wrote most of the lyrics for their first album, had left the band. I was kind of doubtful of the band lasting very much longer. But, even after Jason Lancaster left the band, they released another album, another EP, their self-titled album, and now their fourth CD. One of my favorite things about this band is how they play live. Every concert I have gone to, I have left satisfied by their performance. They have a lot of energy and Derek Sanders is an awesome vocalist.

Below is the video for their single “Stay” from their previous album.

Tuneful Music Tuesday – Pentatonix

Today’s post will be a short once since it’s been a busy day. The above video is a group that I have been listening to for about year. The song is the first from them I heard and since it is almost the Christmas season and “Carol of the Bells” is still one of their best songs (in my opinion), it seemed appropriate. The group is Pentatonix and they perform songs from other artists without the use of instruments (like Pitch Perfect with less Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson). They are amazing and if you only ever listen to one song by them, let it be this one.

So, give the video a watch and if you’re still interested, check out some of their other videos like the one below.