C.E. Andersen: Blog – Naomi

Naomi asks Chelsea for a favor.


Pandora: Chronicle 05 – Date

Pandora and Link attempt going on a date.

It Definitely Feels Like Winter

Our air conditioning/heating system here at work never seems to operate quite right. It’s getting cold outside yet the air is still blasting like the Hell weather hasn’t ended. Last year, the heat would come on in the summer and air in the winter. And they wonder why we get sick…

Last week of classes. Then another week of freedom after that. Will be able to spend more time with my loves and catch up on some writing. Now, wish me luck and hope I don’t turn into a popsicle tonight.

My Wife is Awesome

She got me some Beats ear buds and they are amazing. Listening to some music before the shift starts and trying to get out of this blah mood. Mondays are always rough for me for some reason. I think the muggy weather isn’t doing me any favors either. I finally kicked the writer’s block and wrote another chapter for the other blog- just need to post it.

Last two weeks of classes for this term. Lots of stuff to do this work so tomorrow will start a week-marathon of homework- blah.

Some medicine is calling my name. Terrible headache. Maybe I need to hydrate myself more. Or stop stressing out so much.

Well, let’s see if I can get some writing in before work.

Off Tonight

Go back to work tomorrow night and deal with whatever new drama is brewing. When people old enough to be your parent are acting like children, something isn’t right. I had to tell a woman in her 50s or 60s that she needed to apologize to a younger coworker for yelling at him twice in front of the other associates and customers. Over what?

Stupid shit.

Not even worth the typing. This is definitely going into that fictional-based on real life novel I will one day write about the retail world. Some people should not work there- some people ahould not be supervisors or managers either but what can you do? I am not in a high enough position to make hiring/firing decisions or there’s a good handful of people that would probably not be there anymore.

Look, I’m a 26-year-old supervisor who was promoted within two years of working for the company. I was obviously doing something right. Some of these people still can’t become supervisors (most of which shouldn’t anyway). I really hate it when I have to get strict with people but whatever. My paycheck and my family are important and I don’t try to be friends with co-workers anymore because it’s too much drama.

My almost 2-year-old should be the only one I need to endure tantrums from- just saying.

I need to do some writing- not homework writing. And relax. Hopefully I get that job at the other store.

Fingers crossed, right?

My Story

A friend of mine has a self-recovery blog over at Tumblr. She recently decided to join WordPress and her blog is up and running. Give it a read and please, no trolls- just love and support.

National Coming Out Day

A little late to posting this. Today is an important day, even with so much changing for the better for the LGBQTI community. My coming out story is not a great one and came at a really crazy time in my life. But it happened and about five years later, it isn’t a decision I regret. For most of my life, I felt like I was someone else. I never felt like I belonged and I feared embracing my true feelings.

What I expected (which was worst-case scenario) was not case and I was fortunate. Some are alienated by their families, friends, communities, or worse. And I hope one day that things aren’t this way, that sexual orientation is just a piece of who we are and not a defining factor of whether someone will hire us, support us, or care about us.

Choose to love and understand. And if you don’t understand, try to or at least choose not to hate.

Am I being too overdramatic?

There’s been something bugging me this past weekend. I have tried many times to just ignore and pass it off as insignificant but I realize that maybe it isn’t insignificant and maybe I should be bothered.

Since both my wife and I work, we take our daughter to daycare. This has been the norm since April or May of last year. Overtime, Ella learned to say Mom and Momma, naturally, and she would call our daycare provider Mom, too. Okay, no big deal- she sees this woman as much as us most weeks.

For a while, Ella would also call our provider’s husband Dada, which wasn’t a big deal either because she had called me Dada in the beginning. Dada and Daddy finally phased out some months ago when she learned to differentiate between my wife and I (Momma and Mommy).

The other day I noticed Ella saying Daddy again after months of never uttering the word. I didn’t think anything of it until Friday. While we were picking up our daughter when she called our provider’s husband Daddy. This weekend alone, Ella has called my wife Daddy several times. And now I have to reintroduce Momma into her vocabulary, even though it was one of her first words.

Am I being ridiculous by being bothered by this?

I get that we’ll have to explain to our daughter one day that not all families are comprised of the same set-up of people, but I feel a little uncomfortable with my daughter calling either of us daddy if she’s old enough to know and understand who we are to her. And a part of me is feeling undermined by our provider for letting it become a thing again knowing how our family dynamic is.

How should I handle this? Or should I not be bothered by this at all?

From Yesterday


Yesterday was my three year mark here on WordPress. I always forget it’s been that long because almost the first entire year, I didn’t really use WordPress. But oh well, three years!


This has been a long two weeks. Inventory is finally over at the store but it still looks like a disaster and we’re busting our asses at night to catch up on all the stocking we couldn’t do for the past week or so.


It is Saturday yet?

At least I’m working nights for a little while. So much less stress.

Six more minutes before I have to go in. It’s finally nice out- not hell weather anymore.