Molding Poetry Monday – Peanut


cute, quiet

sleeping, eating, cooing

baby, cuddly, stubborn, strong

growling, learning, talking

young, curious



Loss and Gain

Since my inability to come up with a poem with week, I decided to post a poem by one of my favorite poets. The following is a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson called Loss and Gain.

Virtue runs before the muse
And defies her skill,
She is rapt, and doth refuse
To wait a painter’s will.

Star-adoring, occupied,
Virtue cannot bend her,
Just to please a poet’s pride,
To parade her splendor.

The bard must be with good intent
No more his, but hers,
Throw away his pen and paint,
Kneel with worshippers.

Then, perchance, a sunny ray
From the heaven of fire,
His lost tools may over-pay,
And better his desire.

The poem is via where you can go and read more of Emerson’s poems.


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(A Day Late) Molding Poetry Monday: 24

For tonight (but really yesterday), a poorly attempted poem. Entitled 24 because it’s almost my birthday and this is the time of year when it really hits that another year has gone by.

Time ticks away
The countdown from triple to double to single digits.
Day and night teeter
Special days come and pass.
Closer and closer the crossed out dates draw
To a certain one, often circled or starred.
So here’s to year 24
And to 24 and 24 more.

Molding Poetry Monday – Forever Yours

My attempt at a poem for the day. My inspiration was my kiss first with my love. Not super satisfied with the final product but I admire that I made a somewhat success attempt. This poem is titled “Forever Yours”

Thump, thump.
My heart pounds inside.
Inhale, exhale.
But I still feel I’m gasping for air.
Arms embrace.
You hold me tight.
A smile.
That look and I know I’m home.
One kiss.
Time ceases to pass by.
Today, tomorrow
Forever yours as you are mine.

Molding Poetry Monday – Time

So, here is my attempted poem of the day. It is called Time and it is dedicated to my love.

Eight more hours until I am home again
Count the seconds then the minutes creeping by.
Seven beeps from this watch count down
Another day, another shift away from you.
Six nights until the next day off.
Five minutes of digital conversation.
Four hours- almost there
Time ticks down.
Minutes left.
Back home into your arms again.