Agent J. Smith: Minutes 06 – Questions

Rebecca and Joslyn discuss Lauren Mason and the mysterious woman.


Team Alpha: Audio File 03 – Thoughts

Karen tries to make sense of her thoughts.

Pandora: Chronicle 07 – Kiss

Pandora and Link share their first kiss.

M. Evans: Voicemail Message 03

Adam tries to reach out to his brother.

C. E. Andersen: Blog – Girlfriend

Chelsea makes in interesting discovery.

Agent Andersen: Log 09 – Joslyn

Rebecca and Joslyn plan to meet up again.

Agent J. Smith: Minutes 05 – Rebecca

Joslyn seeks a better understanding of Rebecca and Target Alpha.

Agent Andersen: Log 08 – Trust

Rebecca wakes up a familiar memory.

Team Alpha: Audio File 02 – Midnight

Karen stops by Adam’s place after leaving from Dante’s.

Agent Andersen: Log 07 – Journal

Rebecca offers Josey a new perspective on Target Alpha.