A Small Touch of Inspiration

Two attempts at poetry.

Nothing completed. Feeling eh about them but my goal is to slowly ease myself back into writing. So, here’s a couple beginnings. The first is titled Spark and the second doesn’t have a title but was my attempt at writing something about family. Let me know what you think!

It starts as a spark
A shimmering sizzle seeking to shine
You close your eyes
To evade the eventual eruption to come
It starts as a hope
That transcends into a dream
A dream that giants perceive
As a minute thing
The silver band around her finger glimmers in the sun
The image in the background features her in my arms
The couple in the picture seems so foreign
The woman I see is so beyond me
Her eyes shine as she smiles
My skin tingles as she caresses me

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! Trick-or-treating was yesterday, which was super successful. Tonight was the Halloween parade. A first for us. We had tons of fun and the Peanut had an awesome Halloween this year. Here’s her from tonight as Woman Wonder.

I Should be Sleeping…

I should be in a dreamworld already but I’m super irritated at people in general right now. Everyone on Facebook is at war over the NFL and the protests and there’s so much confusion and false information out there that it shames me to live in this time.

Not only do we have the media putting a twist on the news, we now have every Joe on Facebook stating an opinion that passes through 5 people and suddenly becomes truth. But that isn’t tye biggest issue.

There’s so much hate coming from different sides of the matter. Whatever happened to not agreeing snd moving on with your life. Posting a billion Facebook posts about your opinion wil more than likely not do shit. And it makes you seem like an asshole.

So, stop looking like an ass and worry about real issues in the world like the issues faced by people in Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico.