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Linda G. Hill

On this, November 11th, the day we remember the people who have given their lives  for their countries, I find the disparity between the ultimate in self-sacrifice and the continuing reports of disrespect and lack of empathy discouraging. I had a discussion on Facebook this morning with a man who told me that his daughter-in-law had been verbally accosted in a store while holding her 18-month-old child; there are so very many reports such as this and even worse coming in, it almost makes me want to hide. But I won’t, because there is something I can do.

For all the people who lack empathy in the world, I believe there are more who understand that we all have our struggles. And whether we deem them bigger than ours or not, a struggle is a struggle. An exhausted single mother washing her own dishes in an effort to control something

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An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans

The Random Ramblings and Musings of a Kat

To My Fellow Democrats/Liberals: I understand that you are scared and uncertain what this presidency is going to hold for you. Trust me. I had a hard time stopping the tears on Wednesday. It’s scary for us. As a gay woman, I completely understand. The American people have elected someone that has shown very appalling behavior. We don’t know if our rights will be protected. We are afraid for our lives and safety as others have now put into action what the President-Elect has talked about during his rallies.

This is where I’m going with this: After I’ve dried my tears and let myself feel angry and hurt and disappointed, I started listening. I started to really, really open my ears. I started having a conversation with people who voted for Trump. Listening to why they did what they did. It really was eye opening. In our fight for equality…

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NaNoWriMo 2016

I haven’t particpated in Nano for some years and although this year I am not sure if I am going to give it a try, I do want to finish one of my works I have been trying to publish. I recently went through my writing folder on my computer and there are a handful of ideas that I still would love to finish working on (but not until after I publish a few that are pretty much near completion). 

Who else is participating in NaNo this year?

A Successful Night

Our daughter had a lot of fun tonight. Here she is looking cute in her costume.

Happy Halloween everyone!


It is officially one of my favorite days of the year. My daughter and I have watched the Nightmare Before Christmas probably 20 times this month, she has a badass costume and we are ready to do some trick or treating tonight. We are still a few hours out from starting, but my daughter is super excited. Anyone else planning to go out and celebrate the holiday?

On Not Being Interesting

I have not been doing much of interest. I have just recently started working on my writing and I still am trying to adjust to balancing work and everything else. My wife, on the other hand, has been busy doing something awesome. If you saw  my last post, I included a picture of the cup my wife designed for me. Since then, she’s made a few more.

This one is for a friend of hers.

This was the one she made for her mom. 

These are our fake Yeti koozies. Mine is Batman and hers is Joker. Not sure who all is familiar with the Yeti tumblers, but the Walmart brand (Ozark Trail) works just as well. 

This is the part where I would shamelessly advertise her stuff and try to attract some new customers, but she is still working on a batch of orders for friends. Once those are done, I will probably be back with some more lovely pictures. Let me know what you think about her work!

Hey There

It’s been some time since I’ve lurked on WordPress. Life has changed a little bit- I have a new job that keeps me busy (but gives me pretty awesome off days and benefits). Working at Amazon now and so far, I can say it’s better than every other job I’ve had. 

My daughter is still in her terrible twos and is both sweet and evil most days, but I love her so much. A couple weeks ago, we took her to a fundraiser at a local horse rescue and we bought her three rides on the biggest horse they had. Each time, she went around three times and was a complete champ about. No crying or anything (even though kids at least twice her age and size couldn’t handle riding the smaller horses). 

My cat has gone from kitten size to adult cat size. We thinks he’s convinced he’s a dog since he’s grown up wrestling with the dogs in the house. 

I got my wife a Cameo, which is like a Cricut, so she is in love with and decorated my work bottle and FETI with.

I have been working on my writing aftet a month or so of writer’s block. It’s still a struggle day to day to focus on it (especially on my work days), but a little progress is better than no progress, right?

It is also my favorite month. I love October and Halloween. The peanut and I have already watched Nightmare Before Christmas a few times and my wife has reluctantly spent at least 100 dollars at Walgreens getting us NBC stuff.

Hope everyone is doing well. I have missed my WordPress family this past month or two.


The imagery, the analogy- I love everything about this.

Musings of An Insomniac

“No matter how much you think you love somebody, you’ll step back when the pool of their blood edges up too close.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters.

There are times I doubt you love me but even if you do, it doesn’t matter, because I’m a bleeding mess, and no matter how much you try, you’ll never get over your fear of blood. You can try and put up a brave facade all you want my dear, it’s quite endearing to be honest, but you don’t deserve this. You deserve sunshine and flowers, and a girl who smells like strawberries and happiness, not misery and broken pieces. If you have any idea of what’s good for you, you should turn around and leave right now. Because you will someday. Rather sooner than later when it’s easier for both of us, because you will turn away, no matter…

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My favorite is the elephants in the hot air balloons. : )

DaniellaJoe's Blog

I have more baby cuteness to share…I can’t stop 😀 please enjoy, ok??!! 😀

These I found on Instagram and Google.

There’s a whole world of crochet artists on Instagram , from all around the world.

I like each one of these because to me it shows exquisite craftsmanship:

Babies, need several blankets, why not make a beautiful handmade blanket, a cute one he/she will always treasure?

I love how the artist made a plain blanket then made motifs and attached them, it will keep baby warm and baby will be inseparable from their blankie.

And cute nursery mobiles to keep baby entertained and peaceful 😀

Babies usually get attached to blankets or toys, why not combine both items?

Well, let me stop here…. You know I could go on and on and on… Right? 😀

Happy Wednesday Artisans!!! Enjoy!!

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Super Nervous

Short post. I have an interview later today with Amazon and I’m super nervous. Hoping I get the job and ready to just get this interview over with. Wish me luck, I feel like I need it today.