Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!! Trick-or-treating was yesterday, which was super successful. Tonight was the Halloween parade. A first for us. We had tons of fun and the Peanut had an awesome Halloween this year. Here’s her from tonight as Woman Wonder.


Extra Life Game Day

So, I decided to put my gaming skills to better use by utilizing them to raise money. Not sure how many of you have heard about Extra Life, but was established in 2008 with the purpose of blending gaming with fundraising for sick children. On November 4, I am participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon. I am hoping to raise at least $100 since this is only my first year. 

Since Game Day is almost here, I am trying to put together a schedule of games and get my streaming set up, so I can hop on at midnight on the 4th and go. I’m not sure how success I will be at playing for 24 hours straiught, I’m sure I’ll plan breaks every once in a while. 

And although I am streaming all day, watching isn’t required. Please consider donating though. None of your donations go to me. They all go to a local hospital.
My profile at Extra can be found here. Check it out.

Dead Space (and other Spooky Games)

In honor of October and Halloween, I have been finding a spooky game to play. I started on Amnesia: The Dark Descent, but I haven’t quite gotten into it yet. Instead, I decided to start one I have been wanting to beat. Dead Space is a pretty awesome series. I have watched gameplay from each of the games and have briefly played the first. Started on it again last night. It’s a lot of jump scares, nothing super scary yet. 

For anyone interested in playing something spooky, here are a few suggestions that I’ve played:

  • Bioshock
  • Fatal Frame
  • Resident Evil series
  • F.E.A.R.
  • Left 4 Dead series
  • The Last of Us
  • Slender: The Arrival
  • DOOM
  • Dead Rising
  • Dead Island
  • Dying Light
  • P.T. (If you scored the demo before it vanished from the PS Store)

Played something super scary? Leave a comment below!

Looking for a Tumbler?

You know, like the Yeti’s that came out? Well, first of all the RTIC and Ozark brands work just as Well? Why does it sound like I’m trying to sell you something? I’m not, I just wanted to share something awesome that my lovely wife does in her spare time. 

My wife customizes tumblers. And they look amazing. See below:

Those are just a few of what she’s made. If you to see more of the tumblers she’s done, you can check out her business Facebook page Kreative Storm. She is extremely creative and crafty and I wanted to brag on her a little bit. So, make sure you give her page a look and if you’re interested in buying one, that’s cool, too.

What the SNES Classic is missing

So, you want a SNES mini? Maybe you had one of the original console or you just think it’s cool. It is pretty amazing. It is a great splash into some of the great games the console had to offer. Unfortunately, it is missing some of the other amazing SNES games. 

So, once you finish beating the games on the SNES mini, or if you haven’t gotten your hands on one, you should look into downloading an emulator. There are tons of sites to get the emulator, as well as the games to play on it, dubbed ROMs. My go to site is Emuparadise. If you have a Galaxy smartphone, you can actually get an emulator from the Play Store for free. My favorite is the ZSNES, but there are several. Once you get your emulator, check out these awesome games.

  • Chrono Trigger
  • Illusion of Gaia
  • Terranigma
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Final Fantasy IV & V
  • Secret of Evermore
  • Zombies Are My Neighbors

If you only play one of those games, my recommendation is Chrono Trigger. It has a great story, awesome characters, and a pretty great sequel that came out on PSone (Chrono Cross). 

Well, just wanted to throw my two cents out there. I wish you luck if you’re trying to get your hands on the SNES Classic. And if you’re doing some emulator gaming later, have fun! 

The Rough Start of October

I love Halloween. It’s probably my favorite holiday and October is a month-long excuse to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas again and again. But once October begins, the glee of the end of the month subsides for a couple a days. Six years ago, my father passed away from cancer and although that was in February, his birthday falls on October 4. The fourth happens to fall on a Wednesday, which is the start of my work week and usually the most crazy and busiest day of the week.

On top of the hectic day at work I will probably have that day, working on publishing my short story collection is bringing up emotions from six years ago.  I chose to include short stories about my dad because they are a couple of my favorites. But proofreading and editing them does not make the pain any less, or bring me back to all of my feelings.

About a week or so ago at work, I heard a song that I had been listening to around the time my father passed. It was a song I used to be able to listen to all the time, one of my favorites. But now listening to it is a challenge of hearing the words and not remembering how much they remind me of that day,

I don’t exactly work at a chill job. Taking a few minutes to compose myself and my feelings is something that is only possible at certain times of the days. So, I took a couple of seconds to take a breath and push the song out of my mind and move on with my crazy day.

As much as I still hurt thinking about my dad and what happened, I want to be able to honor his memory the only way I know I can. By telling stories, both in writing and in person about his better moments before the cancer transformed him into the shell of the person he once was.

Trying to keep that in mind, I’m trying to overcome that sad part of October that hits me hard every year.

Year six, with so many more to go.

Why I Love my Wife

So, anyone who knows me long enough knows I love video games and if someone would pay me a decent salary to do it every day of my life, I would never want a different job ever. My wife knows I love video games. She doesn’t always quite get it. But she understands it’s something that I love and really love talking about.

So tonight we sat at Walmart for almost 6 hours to get the SNES mini that just released. I wasn’t planning on getting it anytime soon and I didn’t want to ask her to stand in line again after standing outside for the NES mini several times and getting sick to get it for me. But then I got home and she told me we were going to Walmart.

I love my wife. She doesn’t always get me but she loves me and will stand in line for 6 hours to make my day. She’s pretty amazing. And because of her I can play the OG Mario Kart and Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Y’all need to get a wife like mine, just saying.

I Should be Sleeping…

I should be in a dreamworld already but I’m super irritated at people in general right now. Everyone on Facebook is at war over the NFL and the protests and there’s so much confusion and false information out there that it shames me to live in this time.

Not only do we have the media putting a twist on the news, we now have every Joe on Facebook stating an opinion that passes through 5 people and suddenly becomes truth. But that isn’t tye biggest issue.

There’s so much hate coming from different sides of the matter. Whatever happened to not agreeing snd moving on with your life. Posting a billion Facebook posts about your opinion wil more than likely not do shit. And it makes you seem like an asshole.

So, stop looking like an ass and worry about real issues in the world like the issues faced by people in Texas, Florida, and now Puerto Rico.

A Project (Four Years in the Making)

Since I already work for Amazon, I figure I would publish through them, too. This is my first crack at self-publishing, even though I have been attempting for years to do it. Not going to lie, kind of just winging it and seeing how it all works while in the process. Probably not the best idea but if I sit around and think too hard on everything, I will do what I have done many times in the past and give up before I even actually try.

So, the plan is to start off with something not so big. I have a couple novels and series I want to eventually publish but none of those are anywhere near ready. I do have a short story collection that I made for a class in college some years ago. I have since then added to the collection and made it more presentable for publishing. Not completely done with the editing process but getting there.

I’m using a program from Amazon called Kindle Create, which basically takes your document and makes it e-format ready. My document did not convert perfectly, so I had to go through and make adjustments but getting it ready as far as appearance was the easy part. Now I have the struggle of proofreading a billion times, figuring out what my title is going to be, and if I dare even think about designing a cool cover for it.

So, that is what I am off to work on right now. If anyone has an idea for the title, shoot it my way. My collection is a mixture of stories about love, overcoming obstacles, acceptance, and family. Also, any tips or advice would be great as well.

Reblog – House of Puerto Rico

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