The world slows for split second
You lose control of your body
Everything goes quiet
But there’s so much noise around
The world continues to move
The panic and chaos sets in
What damage is done?
Who has been hurt?
What happens next?
You’ve stopped moving
But your mind is racing
What just happened?

“I am still here”

“I am still here”
The words etched on an old bathroom wall
Several drinks throughout the night
Everything began to get fuzzy
I clumsily shuffled through crowds and doors
And found myself looking at those words again and again
There was something sober about the etching
Who did it and what did it mean?
Out of all the names and dates scratched onto the walls
There was one bold statement
In the most strange of places
And I wish I had the means to pen
“And lives are better because of it”

We Don’t Talk About

(A poem inspired by a couple characters from my stories)

We don’t talk about that night

A bar and a girl

The way she smirked while flirting

And the way she touched your arm

We don’t talk about the goodbye

A fight and a kiss

The way she fought the tears while yelling

And the way she tried to pull you back in

We don’t talk about the reunion

A run-in and an argument

The way she glared while walking away

And the way she treated you like a stranger

We don’t talk about the emotion

A guilt and a longing

The way she still runs around your mind

And the way you wish to have her back.


These words

They are everything

The first meeting, the first text

The long nighty phone conversations

These words

They were analyzed

Phrases were rehearsed and planned

These words

They are the reason you fell for me

Crafted so carefully

Presented so articulately

These words

They mean nothing

If they aren’t made for you from me.

Sunshine and Rainbows

I’m having a rough night after an already long day and instead of ranting, I’ll just use poetry to express my feelings on the subject.

So enjoy.

When you feel so mad
That you want the feeling to fade so bad.
Think of sunshine and rainbows
Be high on life instead of low.
Yes, people are lazy
But don’t let it get you crazy.
Screw this and screw that
Just don’t take it out on your family or cat.
Laziness is not a great work quality
In two weeks you will be free from this city.
Do the monkey work
And let those mean thoughts continue to lurk.
Remember you be missed
When things are left shitty and your boss is pissed.
Because what will all of this matter anyway
When you’re gone and far, far away?

It’s not great but whatever- at least I made it rhyme. I have begun to countdown my departure time. I don’t know why I am still writing in rhymes. I’ve been playing this game where monsters attack you in the mines. It’s pretty epic- it’s called Until Dawn.

Okay, no more rhymes. But check that game out, it’s fun and scary and it keeps you guessing. And that “happy” ending- ha. Not going to spoil it. I’ve been renting it from the Redbox because I have some free codes for game rentals. Definitely worth it if you like survival horror and the cast is pretty awesome. Watch out in those mines though- and pretty much everywhere else once the final hours start counting down.

Well, back to work I go until morning comes.


She’s accomplished
And I’m just barely getting by.
She’s strong
And I’m powerless in my battles.
She’s beautiful
And I’m simply the accessory that fits her arm.
She’s everything
And I’m not always in it.
She’s mine
And I’m enjoying it while it lasts.


Jot some scribbles with a pen
Take down phrases with some lead.
Tap the letters and numbers on a set a keys
Or spell it out in flourscent green.
Pick your tool,
Set your goals.
However you choose
And whenever you choose to do it.
Write away,
And let your words be known.


Either this or that
Or nothing at all.
“Do this” “no, do this”-
“That’s all wrong.”
Be this, be that
Or go be somewhere else.
Love him, love her
But don’t love that one.
Tell me who to be
Tell me how to live
Tell me which person to love
Tell me, if you would prefer to be me instead,
Or tell me nothing at all.


Quiet of the night
While most others are sleeping tight.
Take a moment to pause
And step outside of the restricting walls.
Look to the sky
Let a moment or two pass by.
Enjoy it and breathe
Then return to the daily schedule of scenes.


You pretend,
It’s what you do best.
You try to out do,
Because your strengths never shine.
You gossip,
To be a part of the circle.
You lie,
So you get what you want.
You pretend,
To understand what I know too well.
But I know it’s a lie
And you’ll never be a part of this crowd.