Go See Tomb Raider (but not as a gamer)

I won’t lie, I was super stoked to see the Tomb Raider film this weekend. I am a huge fan of the video game series, both the original and the reboot. Of course I had to see the new movie.

I enjoyed it. I really did. They cast an awesome lead, who not only looked the part, but is also a long-time Tomb Raider fan. My wife teased me during the movie when I made a big deal about how Alicia Vikander got the”movements” of the character right. If you want to see an action movie with a badass chick as the lead, definitely go see this movie.

But don’t go watch it as a gamer.

I almost fell into that trap while watching the movie and afterwards when I started to replay the 2013 reboot of the games. No, the movie is not exactly like the game. No, it probably isn’t even close. There were a lot of things I was hoping to see in the film version that were missing because the film went in a different direction. I started to get a little frustrated about it but then I had to rememeber the movie isn’t just made for people like me- the hardcore Tomb Raider fan from the beginning of Lara Croft.

The movie serves as a good introduction to Tomb Raider for people not sure familar with the game or those who haven’t seen the original films. My hope is someone sees it and decides they want to try out the game, so they can experience a more in-depth version of the story. My hope is that we continue to get more badass women role models like Lara Croft in our entertainment. And I hope this inspires more gamers to get into film because we need more video game movies from people who actually know video games.

So go see Tomb Raider. Give money to Square Enix and let them make a another film so video games get positive media exposure and more people want to play them.



What the SNES Classic is missing

So, you want a SNES mini? Maybe you had one of the original console or you just think it’s cool. It is pretty amazing. It is a great splash into some of the great games the console had to offer. Unfortunately, it is missing some of the other amazing SNES games. 

So, once you finish beating the games on the SNES mini, or if you haven’t gotten your hands on one, you should look into downloading an emulator. There are tons of sites to get the emulator, as well as the games to play on it, dubbed ROMs. My go to site is Emuparadise. If you have a Galaxy smartphone, you can actually get an emulator from the Play Store for free. My favorite is the ZSNES, but there are several. Once you get your emulator, check out these awesome games.

  • Chrono Trigger
  • Illusion of Gaia
  • Terranigma
  • Super Mario All-Stars
  • Final Fantasy IV & V
  • Secret of Evermore
  • Zombies Are My Neighbors

If you only play one of those games, my recommendation is Chrono Trigger. It has a great story, awesome characters, and a pretty great sequel that came out on PSone (Chrono Cross). 

Well, just wanted to throw my two cents out there. I wish you luck if you’re trying to get your hands on the SNES Classic. And if you’re doing some emulator gaming later, have fun! 

Retro Game of the Week – Terranigma

Back before Square Enix became the company it is now, Squaresoft was releasing the Final Fantasy series and other games like Parasite Eve. Another company, Enix, was developing its own games, including an awesome game called Terranigma.
You play the character Ark who has to go on a quest to restore the world. You start by saving the people within Ark’s village and restoring the continents of the world. After the continents are revived, Ark travels to the world and sets out to bring back the plants, animals, and people. The gameplay is pretty simple- you roam around and battle enemies. The battling is real time and you have controls to make Ark attack, jump, and block. You can equip weapons and armor on him and learn a few spells. The game and the story is interesting- the ending was a little sad but I won’t spoil it for you. And if you like this game, there are a few more from Enix you may want to check out like Illusion of Gaia and Soul Blazer. However, you can only play Terranigma on an emulator these days. I think they may have had the game set to come out on the Wii’s Virtual Console but I had trouble researching if it was a release for just Japan and not us here in the states.


The image is via Wikipedia.

Lessons Learned from Gaming – Perseverance (in Parenting)

You get to Bowser’s castle at the end of the world and a fireball kills you. Then one of those skeleton dudes comes back to life as you run by and you die again. You reach the boss and you die once, twice, then have to use a continue and go through it all again. If you are a gamer, you know this is a typical day in the life.

Parenting is kind of like playing a game.

First off, anyone who survives those nine months before baby is born- mother or partner- you deserve an achievement- 50 gamer points for you! It is definitely an often rough and seemingly never-ending time.

But then your baby is born- yay!

One of the best moments in life- like reaching the end of those tutorial levels in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation and not having to hear Werner bitch about every little thing anymore.

That moment times a million.

However, like a game after the tutorial, things get harder.

Babies cry, poop, spit up, and have no way of communicating what exactly they need from you.

Think Terranigma when Ark cannot speak with the plants and animals. It’s sad and confusing, but you figure things out eventually.

The trick in taking care of a baby is perseverance. You may feed your little bundle of joy, change the diaper, and think it’s nap time- right on schedule.

Not exactly always that easy.

Baby might have gas, might want a pacifier, might want to be held before she falls asleep, or all of the above.

Or none.

You go through the cycle of the basic solutions to baby’s possible needs (this is a lesson I am still in the process of learning). And maybe you metaphorically die and fail to soothe baby.

So you try to feed baby, check the diaper, try the pacifier, try rocking or holding baby until she falls asleep, etc. Go through the cycle a couple of times. Or you can be like a noob and consult a walkthrough- aka parenting websites or Google searches.

It’s okay- everyone does it at least once in their life.

The main thing to remember is to never give up (in this situation and life in general) because you only have one life in reality with no respawns or continues. And if something doesn’t work one way, try a different approach. 

Lightning Returns (and it’s pretty badass)

I’m only about an hour into playing the new game and I am in love with it already. It could be because I get to run around as Lightning- one of the most badass chicks in a Final Fantasy history. It could also be because I can put her in sexy and awesome outfits (downloaded my Cloud outfit and excited to equip it). But I think most of my happiness comes from how easy it was to get into the game. The first FF13 I have yet to beat or even get halfway through. I did better with the second because Square Enix did make some overall improvements (and a flying moogle followed me around).
I know- maybe I’m speaking too soon since I’ve only just starting playing. But seeing the trailers and playing the demo both convinced me this game would be more worthwhile and my Facebook wall keeps popping up with good reviews all around, so maybe this isn’t too preemptive.
But anyway- check the game out if you haven’t yet. Once I get farther into it, I’ll make sure to give a better review.

My Favorite Games of 2013

I have not had the pleasure of playing all of the great games 2013 has brought. I am happy to say I will soon get to experience the greatest of The Last of Us an other awesome PS3 games. So I have complied a tiny list of my favorite five video games of 2013.

5. DMC: Devil May Cry – I played through about half of this game but from what I’ve played it lives up to the hype and greatest of the original Devil May Cry games. It stays true to a lot of the elements the DMC games utilized while introducing new aspects and a new take on the characters Dante and Vergil.

4. Tomb Raider – Speaking of remakes, wasn’t the reboot of Tomb Raider super awesome? Hell yeah- Lara Croft went through a hell of terrible situation in this new release and she was badass the whole way though. She even dropped the f-bomb a few times. I was thoroughly satisfied with this game and I loved it so much I could not put it down when I first got it. The multiplayer is also pretty good.

3. Bioshock infinite – Infinite is like a completely separate game from the first two but shares a similar type of gameplay and overall awesomeness. The ending will pretty much blow your mind. Not going to ruin anything but it is one of those endings that makes you think.

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds – if you’ve been living under a rock, this game is typical awesome Zelda-ness. A (remake?)/re-creation of A Link to the Past but with new gadgets and this weird but nifty power that let’s you flatten up into/against ways and sneak around enemies in noob-like fashion and fit through skinny holes.

1. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix – Not just one game, but three. If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts, this is still worth your time. The game has indeed been remastered and it is actually the Final Mix version that Japan got but we didn’t- so bonus stuffs. This compilation also includes Re: Chain of Memories which I thought was a good game despite it being card based battle, and also that first game they released for the DS which I have not beat but now plan to.

So that’s my list-check them out. Feel free to leave suggestions of other awesome games. And good night- going to continue playing my Kingdom Hearts game.

Wonderful (Re)Blog Wednesday – Games as Little Gold Books

Haven’t found anything today that caught my interest but I noticed this a few days ago and it’s awesome. I enjoy finding posts like these. A couple months back I saw an article about if modern-day games were old school NES ones and showed what each cartridge would look like.
Since this post was so awesome, I instantly followed the blog. So, if you come across any clever posts like this about games- let me know.

The Nerded Up Craft Blog!

I hope you all are prepared for insanely cute, because I’m gonna show you some insanely cute art:


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