When You Pour a Glass of Wine….

…And somehow end up drink the entire bottle.

So not my intention. It was at least a cheap $3 bottle of wine from Aldi’s. If you don’t know what Aldi’s is, you’re missing out. With nearly an entire bottle of wine now in my system, I remember I have laundry to finish putting up and a “homework” assignment to get done for work. 

Speaking of work, tomorrow will be a big day. Managers are rotating around, which is a normal thing in retail if you stay long enough to notice. My “new” manager is one I have worked closely with already so it isn’t too much of a change. I think he is really pining on me getting promoted (with his help), so he’s been pushing me to do everything I need before it was official that he was becoming my boss. 

So, we’ll see how that goes.

I am in a place right now that getting promoted is not that important as a financial level, it’s more of something to challenge me more. I only worry about it taking too much time away from my family. Before we moved here from San Diego, I did not get as much time with my family and I would hate to fall into that again. But it’s a job that has four-day shifts each week besides peak season, so it shouldn’t be as crazy becoming a manager.

In other news, I am trying to get back into my writing. I feel like I type those words more than my actual work. Now that I’m getting older, it bothers me more and more every year I fail to publish something. Hopefully this is my year. 

Well, I have some cleaning to do and laundry. Forcing myself bacjcinto blogging, so I apologize if these first set of posts aren’t very engaging.


Off Tonight

Go back to work tomorrow night and deal with whatever new drama is brewing. When people old enough to be your parent are acting like children, something isn’t right. I had to tell a woman in her 50s or 60s that she needed to apologize to a younger coworker for yelling at him twice in front of the other associates and customers. Over what?

Stupid shit.

Not even worth the typing. This is definitely going into that fictional-based on real life novel I will one day write about the retail world. Some people should not work there- some people ahould not be supervisors or managers either but what can you do? I am not in a high enough position to make hiring/firing decisions or there’s a good handful of people that would probably not be there anymore.

Look, I’m a 26-year-old supervisor who was promoted within two years of working for the company. I was obviously doing something right. Some of these people still can’t become supervisors (most of which shouldn’t anyway). I really hate it when I have to get strict with people but whatever. My paycheck and my family are important and I don’t try to be friends with co-workers anymore because it’s too much drama.

My almost 2-year-old should be the only one I need to endure tantrums from- just saying.

I need to do some writing- not homework writing. And relax. Hopefully I get that job at the other store.

Fingers crossed, right?

You know…

There’s a lot of things I want to say right now but it won’t do me any good. So, I’m just going to sit here and eat my almonds and look forward to playing some CoD tonight and pretend the other team is all the people I wish I could punch in the face some days.

There should be a rule…

That if someone’s transferring to a different store, the job offer is revoked if they decide to be “sick” every weekend before they leave their old store. I refuse to cover for someone who can come to work during the week with no problem and then suddenly doesn’t feel so great Friday and has three or four days off.

Woes of Retail #5

When a co-worker asks you if something is right and you say you don’t know but the next week your supervisor tells you that apparently you told that same co-worker it was right when it was wrong.

Happy Mother’s Day

Hope all the moms out there are having a good one. This year brought me the wonderful gift of people not wanting to come to work, cramps from Hell,
finger boo-boo, and a terrible touch of nausea that is making it hard to function. X.X But all is well, especially if my two favorite people come to visit me. (Just 6 and half hours left – wish me luck!)

Woes of Retail #4

When your boss asks for your opinion on something and then tells you your opinion is wrong.

Woes of Retail #4

When people make petty arguments everyone’s business by sending childish, unprofessional emails


Tonight is not going well. I think my daughter got me sick and I’m just not feeling work. X.X 5:30AM cannot come soon enough.

Woes of Retail #3

When you put six signs out saying not to stock a pallet and a dumbass still orders merchandise to put on it.